California Healthcare License

California Healthcare License

When it comes to finding a healthcare provider, it is important to find one who is licensed. Not doing so can put your health or your loved one’s health at risk. Licensing for all types of California physicians requires study and proof that they have completed the training they need to properly care for their patients.

Our CDPH license lookup can help you find out if a provider is properly licensed in the state of California before you schedule an appointment.

Getting a California healthcare license is no small task. It can take three to six months to complete everything needed for the license application to get approved by the proper governing board. If you are considering getting your California medical license, keep reading to discover what it will take.

How Do I Get a California Medical License?

First, physicians need to make sure they meet the qualifications for their license. To apply, you must have graduated from an accredited medical school and completed the appropriate amount of postgraduate training, including 36 months of board-approved postgraduate training and 24 months of continuous training in a single program. Applicants must also have successfully passed their required exams and be able to demonstrate clinical competency.

Once you know you meet the California medical license’s requirements, it’s time to file the actual application. The application can be completed and submitted online or by completing a paper application. Be prepared to answer each question thoroughly and accurately. If additional information is needed based on the answers to your questions, be sure to include that paperwork.

You will also need to send verification of your credentials to be reviewed. You will need to submit copies of your medical school transcripts, a copy of your diploma, and your exam scores. Note that these need to go straight from credential holder, such as your school, to the exam board; they should not come to you first.

You will also need to complete a criminal background check, which involves getting a scan of your fingerprints taken. The fee for this is included in the initial application fee. This part of the licensure process can take six to eight weeks, so don’t delay getting started on this step.

If you have been involved in medical malpractice suits, you will need to submit documentation explaining details of the case(s), including the judgment rendered. Include any additional documentation you would like to be taken into consideration during the review, as well.

If your licensure application is missing anything or needs additional information submitted, you will receive a deficiency letter that outlines what you need. Be sure to take action immediately to address these items and submit the requested documentation or information. Not doing so can delay your Californian medical license approval.

Once the board has received all the information they need, they will review the applications. Note that it can be a long process, and the board reviews applications in the order in which they are submitted.

Once your medical license application is complete, you must pay an $808 fee before your license is issued. However, those enrolled in ACGME/RCPSC/CFPC training programs qualify for a 50 percent discount on the fee.

What Is a CDPH Certification?

The California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) Licensing and Certification Division (L&C) plays a role in licensing and certifying specific health care professionals, such as home health aides and nursing assistants. They also are in charge of inspecting and certifying healthcare facilities in the state.

A CDPH certification can be granted by the Professional Certification Branch of the CDPH (one of three branches). This branch administers the certification of various healthcare providers, such as CNAs, home health aides, and hemodialysis technicians.

Depending on your specialty, the requirements to get a CDPH certification will differ. Our CDPH license lookup allows patients to find providers and facilities that are currently CDPH certified.

In need of an X-ray or other services at a radiology center? The California Department of Public Health has a division that monitors and administers Radiologic Health Branch (CDPH-PHB) licensing. Find out if the radiation facility you are going to for an X-ray or other diagnostic testing is licensed using our CDPH-RHB license lookup.

How Long Is a California Medical License Good For?

Once your California medical license is approved, it is valid for two years. After that, you will need to renew.

The CA medical license lookup can help patients and even hiring managers see who is in the process of renewing their California healthcare license.

Who Licenses Doctors in California?

The Medical Board of California is responsible for licensing California physicians. Before any medical doctor can begin practicing within the state, they will need to apply for and receive their California medical license from the board.

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