California License Lookup

There are surmountable amounts of jobs and opportunities to choose from in California, here we have arranged a list of major licenses California has to offer. From A-Z we have narrowed down the major licenses the state of California has, and you can expand your field from accounting all the way to becoming a veterinarian. The following is a list of compiled major licenses which California has to offer. If you’re having trouble figuring out your career path or how to progress through your career path, this list will give you assurance.

California Accountant License

A certified public accountant (CPA) is an occupation which is given by the Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Acting as consultants for many issues such as taxes and accounting, a CPA usually works for a public accounting firm. Occupants must pass the Uniform CPA Examination, and have met all educational and accountancy requirements. A CPA makes about 10-15 percent more than an accountant who is not certified.

California Acupuncture License

California is one of the five states which occupies a workforce of more than 10,000 active acupuncturists, to obtain an acupuncture license one is required to graduate from an accredited AOM school with a Master’s or Doctorates degree. Intense higher education is required to become an acupuncturist, schooling will usually take anywhere from 3-4 years and some individuals may take an additional traditional Chinese medicine and herbology class (TCM).

California Adjuster License

California applicants do not need to take any pre-licensing education in order to become an independent insurance adjuster. Applicants are only required to take and pass the independent insurance adjuster license exam and meet all licensing requirements to receive an independent license.

California Alcoholic Beverage Control(ABC) License

California has 4 different liquor licenses to choose from depending on location and type of license you want. The (ABC) license regulates the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer. The license cannot be issued until a minimum of 30 days after applying.

California Appraiser License

In California you may be 18 years or older to apply for an appraisal license. After you have completed your exam you may apply for the appraisal license, you must then pass a background check and the state exam. You must then work 2,000 hours as an appraisal trainee and get approved. Only then you can apply for either a real estate appraisal license or a general/home appraisal license.

California Architecture License

An applicant in California has to complete the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), and Architect Registration Examination to receive an Architecture license in California. An individual needs about 5 years worth of credits from a college/university and about 3-5 years of additional work experience to take the (ARE). After completing these requirements you have the right to put the abbreviation (RA) Registered Architect, after your legal name.

California Attorney License

California State Bar requires individuals to have at least two years of undergraduate education (60 units), and complete your pre-law major. In California you’re not required to graduate from a law-school, however most law-schools require you to pass the LSAT to gain entrance into their school. After you have passed the LSAT your main goal is to attend a state-accredited law school. When you’re finished with your pre-legal education you can finally prepare for the state Bar Exam, and finally when you have passed the state Bar you are free to apply for an Attorney License.

California Auction License

Are you considering obtaining a California Auction License? If these are your future career plans then you are already on the right path by reading this article. Together we will try to find out what qualifications you need to have for the California Auction License, and what further steps you have to take to reach your goal.

It is much easier to overcome difficulties and get what you want when you are well-prepared. Let’s see if you will have to take certain exams or tests, or training, to become qualified as an auctioneer.

Also, we’ll talk about the prospects and benefits that you may have when you obtain the license. So let’s not waste time and go straight to the subject.

California Barber License

You must get a California barber license to practice in the state. Firstly, you must enroll in a training program. It should consist of an acceptable number of hours. Completing an apprenticeship is also acceptable. In addition, you need to meet some standards. When you accomplish this, you can apply for the license. Just fill in the examination application form. When the Board confirms your request, you can take the exam. It has two portions. So, the first one is the written test. It has several questions about the profession. The next one is a practical test. It assesses your overall skills. When you successfully pass both portions, you receive your permit. It usually takes some weeks. Even so, this is not the end of the process. Note that you should renew it in odd-numbered years. This article discusses the renewal process in detail.

California Broker License

You must be at least 18 years or older and meet all the minimal requirements to apply for a broker’s license. Gaining real estate experience through a 4-year accredited college degree and having a real-estate related experience is your next step. After that, you must complete 8 college level broker courses which are required in California. Next you must be finger-printed by a live-scan service request form and submit your license application fees. The final step to a broker’s license is to schedule and pass your Broker’s Exam.

In California, obtaining a Lender license from the (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) NMLS is the same process as it would be in any other state. The first step is to apply for an NMLS account and ID number. The next step is to complete your pre-licensing education so that you may obtain your license through the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). After you’ve completed all your educational requirements, you’ll need to schedule an appointment to take the licensure exam, and after you’ve passed the examination it is time to apply for that mortgage loan origination license and give all payment fees.

California Bar License

Have you always dreamed of owning a bar? You love the idea of serving the public, and now, you’re ready to make it happen. Find out what you must do to open a bar. You will also learn how to use a bar license lookup in California to find out if a bar is licensed.

California Business License

Before you give a start to any business, take care of the law issues first. To clarify, each state has its set of requirements for any business. California is not an exception. The most important of all is getting a California business license. Here we give all the details about the appliance process.

As a beginner you may feel confused, so we will become your guide. With the help of our business license lookup, you can find answers to all your questions. You’ll know how and where you should apply for your business license in California.

The tool will allow you to search for any license. Also, you can get their copies. To run your company successfully, follow all the instructions. Make sure you correspond to all the requirements. Only after that, you’ll become qualified for your California business license.

California Cannabis License

Obtaining your own cannabis license in California takes time and is an ambiguous process. First you have to start your business formation and complete the Commercial Cannabis License Application. Next, you must fill out all business formation documents and are required to submit a written waiver of sovereign immunity. All financial information must be submitted, as well as giving your required operating procedures for transportation, inventory, security, and waste management of all cannabis products. Finally, after completing all these procedures you must sign the “Compassion Use Act” and submit all documents in order to obtain your license.

California Contractor License

To apply for a contractor’s license in California you must be 18 years or older, and must have at least 4 years of experience working with a construction team or as an apprentice. Becoming a licensed general contractor is simple, after completing all examinations and paying all required licensing fees set by the CSLB. The initial licensing fee is about $200, and the total fees round up to $570. A contractor’s license can be obtained by submitting an application for an exam. Next, you must provide all business information and procedures to the city and state in which you are applying for the license. After you have taken the licensing exam and pass, you will receive your contractor’s license and are ready for work.

California Cosmetologist License

First, you’ll need to complete about 1600 hours of training at an accredited cosmetology school for hair styling, cutting, and coloring. You can register for the cosmetology exam by applying for a cosmetologist license, you are able to register once your 1600 hours are completed. After this process you will begin to study and prepare for your exam which are two separate portions, you will receive your results immediately after completing the exam. If you have failed, you are able to retake the test as many times as you want within the same year. Once you have passed both portions of the exam, you are able to obtain your cosmetology license.

California Daycare License

To obtain a Family Child Care Home license you must first, sign up for an online or in-person orientation, be sure to meet the qualifications to obtain this license before signing up for orientation. You must be familiar with the Family Child Care Home rules and regulations, then you must then complete all the information and forms in the application. The final step is to complete a pre-licensing inspection, a licensing program analyst will come to inspect the home and see if it is fit for a child daycare. Once approved, you may be able to start your daycare business.

California Dealer License

Applying for a used vehicle dealer or wholesale dealer license in California is not that difficult, first you must attend a 6-hour licensing training program and pass a test. Next you must obtain a permanent business location with all the rules and regulations taken care of, after this process, you must obtain all types of permits and business licenses from the city and state. After the license inspector comes in to inspect your business, your auto-dealer bond must be paid for, and after compiling all of your required documents and paperwork you may register for an auto-dealer license application.

California requires you to take a pre-licensing class from any company approved by the state DMV to gain experience and learn what it takes to obtain a dealer’s license. Next you must take a DMV test and decide what type of license you want to apply for:(Retail or Wholesale). When you apply for a dealer’s license, you must choose whether you’re applying for a corporate license or a sole proprietorship. After naming your business and acquiring your business license, you need to obtain a seller’s permit from the CDTFA(California Department of Tax and Fees Administration). After this process, you must open a bank account under the business name, secure a location, and purchase a dealer bond to protect you from unpaid fees. Finally, you prepare and submit your required applications and fees, and once this process is done, you host a DMV inspection for your place of business and if approved, you will obtain a temporary dealer’s license.

California Dental License

Before applying for a dental license in California you must be at least 18 years or older, submit a completed application to the Dental Board of California, and provide documents and information that you have graduated from a dental school approved by the board. Also you must provide evidence that you have completed and passed the WREB Exam and the California RT (Restorative Technique) exam, and finally applicants must successfully complete the Law and Ethics examination to receive their temporary Dental license.

California Driver License

It’s hard to live without a car in the state of California. So, if you are moving there and you are going to drive a car right after you’ve established yourself as a California resident, you must apply for the California drivers license within 10 days.

California Educator License

There are several ways to become a teacher in California, first off you need all transcripts from each school attended in your life-time. Next, you must provide a verified completion of an accredited teaching program, and show passing scores on all required examinations. You must also provide fingerprints and a certificate for clearance. Finally, a completed application for your teaching credentials.

California Electrician License

The first step to becoming an electrician in California is to enroll in a state approved training program. Taking the general electrician exam requires about 8,000 hours of technical training either in the classroom and through job experiences. Next, you need to take the required exam to become a residential electrician, this requires about 4,800 hours of work under a certified electrician and a passing score on the state electrician exam. A general electrician has to abide by the National Electric Code, to earn a general electrician certificate you must have at least 8,000 hours of work under a certified electrician and a passing score on the exam. Finally, to become a licensed independent electric contractor in California you must be 18 years or older and have 4-years of electrician experience, as well as passing your electrician exams and submit the insurance requirements to the CSLB.

California Engineer License

The first step to becoming a licensed engineer in California is to register for and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam which most accredited college students take shortly after their graduation. After passing the exam, California requires its engineering applicants to have 3 or more years of engineering work experience anywhere. Next, you should apply and receive an (Engineer-In-Training) EIT certification. After obtaining your certificate, every EIT needs to accumulate at least 6 years of working experience. When you finish documenting your 6-year work experience you will need to apply for your professional engineering license. Finally, once you pass FE Exam (Fundamentals of Engineering) and have your licensing application accepted, you may finally call yourself a licensed engineer.

California Healthcare License

If you would like to work as a home health aide in California, you need about 120 hours of an accredited training program which must be approved by the California Department of Public Health. Part of the application process requires you to work at least 20 hours of clinical nursing work. You must then obtain a certification from the Department of Public Health to try and obtain a Home Health Aide license. A home health aide certification expires every two years, so as a worker in this field it is your priority to make sure you renew your certificate with the California Department of Public Health.

California Home Improvement License

If you are looking to sell, negotiate, or execute home improvement contracts for a licensed contractor in California, you will need to register with the CSLB. You must be at least 18 years or older in order to be qualified for an home-improvement sales (HIS) position. Applying for HIS registration is a must, and once your application is reviewed and accepted HIS will send you your new registration number. The next step is submitting your live-scan and fingerprints to the HIS registry, and they will also have a criminal background check procedure. Once you obtain your HIS certificate, you must remember to renew your certificate once every two years.

California Hunter License

The first step to obtaining your hunting license in California is to complete the California hunter education certificate and choose the correct hunting license to obtain. There are 7 different hunting licenses to choose from: California Resident, Non-Resident, Youth Hunting, Senior Hunting (not offered in California), Disability, Military and Veteran, and Migratory Waterfowl. All hunting licenses are good from July 1 through June 30, and you also have the option of purchasing and obtaining a lifetime hunting license.

California Insurance License

For those in California seeking an insurance license the first step is to complete an Pre-licensing insurance course either in-person or online, in order to successfully complete the course you must fulfill all required hours per course. When you have completed your pre-licensing course you must then pass the state licensing exam, once you have completed this process you will submit your application with the state certificate. You will then be fingerprinted and issued a background check, once this process is finished you will apply for the California Insurance license, if you still have required education to continue, you will do so with the state-issued insurance license and become state-certified insurance agent.

California Investigator License

Anyone who would like to become a private investigator in California must be 18 years or older, you must also have a criminal background check done by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI. Some requirements state that you must have a total of 6,000 hours of compensated experience in investigative work, or have a law-degree or completed a 4-year course in police science and two years of compensated work. After this process, you must pass an exam covering laws and regulations, terminology, evidence handling, undercover surveillance and investigations. Once you have passed this exam you are allowed to apply for a license and submit the fee. Finally, to apply for an investigator’s license you must complete the application, submit a quality passport photo, and pay the application fee.

California Land Surveyor License

Each person applying for a land surveyor’s license in California must first pass the NCEES Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) Exam. Next you must provide evidence of 6 years equivalent of full-time experience in land surveying which include your credentials. The next step is to pass the state-specific Land Surveyors State Laws and Board Rules Exam. Once you have submitted your fingerprints upon your submittal of application, you wait for the board to review your application and accept it. Once you have paid the required fee for your license, you’re able to call yourself a license Land Surveyor of California.

California Landscaping License

There are two ways to acquire a Landscaping license, either with a college degree or without one. If you’re applying with a college degree, you need 4 years of experience performing or supervising any kind of landscaping work. Some requirements include submitting your SSN and being at least 18 years old. If you have a college degree for landscaping, 3 out of 4 years of the required landscaping work experience can be substituted for your degree. The state will approve a self-employed landscaping worker if they pass the Trade examination and the Law and Business Exam.

California License Plate Lookup

If you want to have a legal right to drive a car in California, then you must register your vehicle and get a CA DMV License Plate.

The State of California surely requires having a license plate to drive a car on its roads. The process of getting it is not as complicated as you may think.

California Marriage License

The marriage itself is a very responsible and emotional decision that every person may make at least one time in life. However, it is important not only to think about marriage from an emotional aspect but also from a legal part.

Like other states of the US, the State of California also requires holding a marriage license before actually performing the marriage ceremony. Obtaining a marriage license in California will help the couples to avoid several penalties and additional fines.

There are some basic requirements for getting a California marriage license. Each applicant must meet those requirements in order to be accepted by the County Clerk’s Office. Except for the requirements, there are two types of marriage licenses in California that each applicant must choose while applying for the license.

California Massage Therapist License

In order to obtain a license in counseling there are certain steps and procedures one has to take. The first step is to earn an accredited bachelors degree and further your education and experience by obtaining a masters degree in counseling. Once you have finished your required amount of hours in education and practice, you must take the National Counselor Exam (NCE) which is a requirement by the Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor. After you have passed the exam you must choose somewhere to work for an internship or practice performing skills and building knowledge to further your goal. Once you have obtained all credentials and certain educational requirements, you may apply for licensure and can further your career in counseling by either working as a school, rehabilitation, or mental health counselor.

California Medical License

To obtain a medical license in California one graduate from an accredited medical school, while passing a clinical competency examination are just some of the first few steps towards obtaining a medical license in California. Next you must complete all required applications and fees while disclosing your criminal background check and apply for the medical license. The next step in this process is to make sure all of your credentials are verified by the California Medical Board, for some cases of malpractice the board will review the malpractice incident and a written explanation about the details of the case. Finally, after one month of submitting the application you will receive an email or letter informing you on whether or not you have obtained your California Medical license.

California Nursing License

The application process for registered nursing in California starts with an individual who would enroll in an accredited nursing program before applying for licensure. Applying for a license starts with a criminal background check through LiveScan, which also takes your fingerprint. If you’ve not yet taken the RN examination, you will be able to work with an interim permit. To apply as an RN for examination is a payment of $150. The examination payment fully costs 200$ payable in person, if you fail an examination attempt you’ll need to re-apply and pay another fee to the California Board.

California Paralegal License

Becoming a basic paralegal in California has its own set of requirements and regulations. First you must be 18 years or older and need a certificate from an approved program by the (ABA) American Bar Association to apply as a paralegal. There is no specific licensure for a paralegal worker, if you have a bachelor’s degree in any subject, you need one year of training under a licensed attorney of California. Before becoming a paralegal you must complete an educational program and complete a two or four-year paralegal studies degree.

California Pesticide Applicator License

In order to apply for a Pesticide license, first you must apply for a QAC (Qualified Applicator Certificate) or a QAL (Qualified Applicator License). The first step to get a pesticide applicator license is to complete all required application packages. The next step is to pass all the Laws, Regulations, and Basic Principles exam which will cost around $50 and then pay the $80 licensing fee. There are about 17 different categories of pesticide applicator to choose from.

California Pharmacy License

The first step in obtaining a pharmacist license is to complete the Foreign Pharmacy Graduation Examination Committee (FPGEC) certification program, which is to document your foreign pharmacy education and educational equivalency. If you fail this exam you may be able to take it again after re-applying and paying the $600 fee. The next step is to register as a pharmacy intern and complete an approved clinical training program. Once you have finished your clinical internship you must then be ready to submit your application for licensure and examination. A foreign pharmacy graduate must take 3 tests:

  • Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination (FPGEE)
  • North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX)
  • California Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam (CPJE)

Finally, once you have passed all these obstacles, you’re now ready to apply for, and accept your Pharmacy Technician license.

California Physician License

The first step in obtaining a physician’s license is to get an Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECMFG) certificate which qualifies you to compete for residency positions in California. Once you’ve qualified for residency, it is your objective to be competitive in the way that you try and qualify for residency. Finding residency requires initiative and your dedication, through building networks and practicing for interviews. Once you’ve been accepted for residency, you will need to apply to the Medical Board of California for authorization to practice medicine, which is done through postgraduate training. Once you’ve finished your residency and requirements, and received your postgraduate certificate, you’re now able to apply and accept your California Physician’s license.

California Plumbing License

Licensing is an important aspect of becoming a plumber, licensed plumbers are given a compliance certificate which shows that they meet all required relevant codes. Plumbers that work without a required license may be fined. Some courses which are offered in community college or vocational schools for plumbing are welding, plumbing tools, pipe system design, and the safe use of equipment and tools. The programs offered at these schools take about two years to complete. Individuals alternatively are able to work as an apprentice, which are offered by unions and businesses. Those who would like to join as an apprentice must be 18 years or older, must hold a high school diploma or GED, must have knowledge of computer use, must have substance abuse test, and must know basic math. Once 2-3 years of your apprenticeship is finished you may be able to take the California Plumbing License Exam. Once you’ve passed both exams you may be able to apply for and accept the plumbing license.

California Process Server License

There are certain requirements in order to become a process server in California, first off you must be a resident of California for one year before registering as an applicant. Becoming a process server in California does not require a license nor a degree, each applicant must post a $2,000 deposit as well. To register as a process server you must fill out the registration form and submit your fingerprints for a LiveScan report. Once you’ve registered with your county and paid all fees, you can now work as a process server in California.

California Psychology License

In order to obtain a license from the California Board of Psychology you must complete the set requirements and educational guidelines. The first step towards obtaining your degree is to complete your bachelor’s degree in psychology at a 4-year accredited college, after your bachelor’s degree is obtained most students complete their master’s degree in 2-3 years. Some schools offer a program which you can obtain your master’s degree as part of a doctorate program. Individuals who’d like to earn a doctorate degree in psychology can take either one of two routes, they can study to be a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) or they can study to be a Doctor of Philosophy of Psychology(PhD). The degree must come from a school accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). Once you have gained 1,500 hours of professional experience, ensured all pre-licensing courses, and passed the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), you may now be able to request and accept your licensure from the California Board of Psychology.

California Real Estate License

In order to obtain a Real Estate license in California you must be 18 years or older. To apply for the Real Estate license examination, California requires you to have 135 hours of accredited college level real estate courses. Once you’ve completed your required education, you may then apply for the license exam by paying the fees for the exam and completing the required applications. A first time applicant must submit their fingerprints and submit a criminal background check, you must pass the licensing exam at least two years from the application submission date. Finally, once you’ve passed the California Salesperson License Exam, you will submit your application for licensure and patiently wait for your acceptance and license.

California Resale License

Wholesalers and retailers are usually the individuals to try and obtain a resellers permit. You must be properly registered to do business in California to receive a sellers permit. To apply for a sellers permit you must go to the California State Board of Equalization, your permit is usually issued for free right when you submit your application. You must obtain a seller’s license before you sell any of your merchandise.

California Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly License

To become a certified RCFE licensure you must first the Department of Social Security (DSS) required 80-hour certification course and pass the DSS test with a score higher than 70% which must be taken 60 days within the certification course. To open a center you must have a qualified administrator for your facility, someone who is at least 21 years of age and has a high school diploma or any higher education. The next step is to find a facility and submit a license application for that facility, you must either lease or buy the property to start your facility. After this step, you must contact your local fire marshal so that he can pre-inspect your facility and make sure it follows all rules, regulations, and codes. You must then take the online orientation course with the DSS and receive your certificate. The final step is to prepare and submit your RCFE license application which is a long and lengthy process. Once you have marketed your facility and the DSS has accepted your application, the DSS will make one final stop to pre-inspect your facility before it is open for business. Finally, the DSS will issue you the facility and you may now call yourself the proud administrator of your facility.

California Security Guard License

A security guard is in charge of preventing theft, criminal behavior, and injury to people and property. He must be on the alert for suspicious conduct at all times and act fast to apprehend criminals or examine anything unusual. California requires guards to hold a proper license. There are certain requirements for that. Firstly, you must be at least 18 years of age. Physical strength, patience, and rapid decision-making skills are also important. Secondly, you should complete approved training. As a rule, it consists of 8 hours. Once you finish, there is an exam to take. It is available both in-person and online. Thirdly, you are to pass a background check. The process includes having your fingerprints taken as well. Finally, you can apply for a permit. Complete the application form and pay the fee of $50. When you officially hold the license, you must renew it before the expiration date.

California Speech Pathology License

The first step to obtaining a Speech Pathology license is to complete 60 semester units and 300 hours of supervised clinical practice. A master’s degree is a required, communicative sciences and disorders will involve studying linguistics. The next step is to gain 36 weeks of post-graduate experience through a clinical program. To fill out the license application you will need to pay a $60 fee, submit your fingerprints for LiveScan, provide your transcripts and clinical hours of practice, pass the national exam, and professional verification detailing who you’ll work for. Now that you’ve submitted your application, you must pass the Praxis Speech-Language Pathology Exam, you’ll need a score of 162 to pass the exam and once you pass you may be able to apply for licensure and expand your career as a Speech Pathologist.

California Tattoo License

As tattoo is a very common form of body art, it is important to know how the laws vary in various states. So, to regulate the body artists’ working processes California has its own tattoo license requirements.

First of all, it is not legal to perform as a tattooist without having a certificate. Every person who violates this law will be subject to penalties.

So, to get the California tattoo license an 18+ years old applicant should present a valid ID. And complete the registration application. Besides, it is a must to accept the Hepatitis B vaccination or present its declination. And one more crucial component is the blood-borne pathogens training. There is a certain fee to pay.

California Veterinary License

The first step in obtaining a Veterinary license is to complete your bachelor’s degree in a science course such as biology,chemistry,physics, or math. The more in depth you get into your educational requirements the more advanced the curriculum gets, for your master’s degree you might take courses such as animal anatomy, or physiology. When you have completed your masters program, it is now time to apply for a Veterinary license. After your licensure application has been accepted, you must gain practical or specialized experience in your desired field, majority of veterinarians work with private clinics which deal with small companion animals. Your next step is to be certified in some type of veterinary specialty such as internal medicine or surgery. Finally, once you have obtained your license and are experienced in your specialty, working at a national or state association is the main goal for most veterinarians.



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