California Hunting License

California Hunting License

If you want to check whether someone is legally allowed to hunt in California, you can use a California hunting license lookup. Before you use this lookup, learn some basics about what it takes to get a hunting license. This can also help you if you want to hunt in California legally.

How Much Is a Hunting License in California?

The cost of a hunting license in California depends on your age and where you live.

  • California residents who are at least 16 years old qualify for a Resident Hunting License, which costs $51.02.
  • Non-residents who are at least 16 years old qualify for a Nonresident Hunting License, which costs $178.20.
  • Those under 16 years old qualify for a Junior Hunting License (which has restrictions), which costs $13.53.
  • Disabled veterans and recovering service members can get a reduced-fee hunting license for $7.73 or $8.13.
  • Non-residents can also get a one- or two-day hunting license (in certain circumstances) for $24.33 and $51.02, respectively.

If you want to hunt big game in California, you’ll have to pay additional fees to participate in the drawing.

How Do I Get a Hunting License in California?

Before you can get a hunting license in California, you must complete the requirements for the California Hunter Education Certification. California is flexible and accepts past licenses as proof that you meet this requirement or a certificate. Overall, you can prove your Hunter Education with:

  • A past annual California hunting license
  • A past two-day California non-resident hunting license
  • Your California Hunter Education Certificate
  • Your certificate from finishing any state-approved hunter education course, regardless of where it was
  • A hunting license that is current or was issued in the last two years from any other state or province, South Africa, or a European country

Once you have met the Hunter Education requirement and have the fee ready, you can move on to the application. You can apply for your California hunting license online, through a license agent, or at a CDFW license sales office.

What Animals Can You Hunt Without a License in California?

You only need a California hunting license if you are taking mammals or birds. Unfortunately for those who want to hunt without a license, this includes nearly all of the animals that you can hunt in California. As such, you will likely need to get a hunting license.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a California Hunting License?

To get a resident or non-resident hunting license, you must be at least 16 years old. However, there is no minimum age for getting a Junior Hunting License. The caveat is that you still have to meet the requirements for Hunter Education. Most instructors only accept students who are 10 years old or older. Passing the course involves taking a written test, so you must be old enough to read and write.

Can a Non-US Citizen Get a Hunting License?

Yes, non-US citizens can get a hunting license in California. They will have to pay the non-resident fees in most cases, which are more expensive than California resident fees. You will also still be able to appear in a California hunting license lookup.

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