California Tattoo License

California Tattoo License

With the increment of interest in body art, all the US states set corresponding regulations to have control over this industry. These laws include licensing and operating requirements.

To follow and proceed with these obligations is mandatory for everyone who intends to become a tattooist in a certain province of the USA. While the laws can vary in each county, we are going to discuss the overall permits for California tattoo license.

California Tattoo License Requirements

First of all, to issue a certificate you must be at least 18 y/o. To prove this you have to present a government-issued photo ID. There are also some other demands listed below.

So, in order to become a tattooist in CA, you should register with the Health Department located in the province you intend to work in. Besides, you need to note that you have to renew the licensure annually. Furthermore, you should complete annual training on blood-borne pathogens. You receive a list of good providers from your county’s Department.

During this program, the applicants will learn how some pathologies like Hepatitis B are spread. As well as what to do after the infection. And how to prevent its exposure.

It is important to know that not only tattoos but also piercing, PMU, and other related arts are subject to the Safe Body Art Act. This determines the required standards to operate in this field.

So, according to this act, all the practitioners should be vaccinated against Hepatitis B. It is a very recommended procedure. But in case you do not want to get the vaccine you sign a form of declination. Here you should mention that you declined the procedure realizing all the risks.

Even though there are no specific requirements regarding other courses new applicants have to self-certify or present proof of related courses.

In addition to this, you should present the addresses of all the establishments or shops where you are going to work. Furthermore, it is vital to pay an application fee that varies from $47 to $175. This depends on the province.

California Tattoo License Renewal

As we mentioned above you should renew your certificate annually before its expiration date. You receive notice beforehand. On this condition, you have to think of new training and updating the Hepatitis B vaccine. Besides, it is essential to renew blood-borne pathogens training, as well.

You should submit the same form as initially submitted during the certification process. Also, you have to pay a certain fee for this action.

Reciprocity of Tattoo License

There is only narrow reciprocity for qualified applicants. So, according to the CA laws, the practitioners are allowed to perform within different areas of the state for sequential 5 days (and no more than 15 days totally every year).

Tattoo Permits in CA

If you want to open a studio here then you should obtain a public health allowance. Also, you will need business licensure. These shops have to attentively follow the infection control. They should use only sterilized reusable and disposable equipment. Besides, all artists working there must pass the registration process and have a certificate.

In addition to this, you pass a total inspection to show that it matches all the legal standards. This includes lighting, hand washing sink, needles, and other materials.

Furthermore, you will need a public health permit while taking part in the temporary body art event. The same is in the case of the mobile facilities.

It is totally illegal to perform as a tattooist outside of the registered facilities or without licensure. Besides, you can not proceed with a client less than 18 years old. This is even in the case you have the parents’ consent. Before the main procedure, the clients have to sign a form describing the whole process and its aftereffects. This also informs that this type of body art is permanent. In the end, the customer fills in a condition questionnaire.

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