California Security License

California Security License

Are you considering a career as a security guard? You must have a California license to serve as an officer. Consequently, you should familiarize yourself with the state’s regulations. Being at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate is mandatory. See the rest below.

How to get a guard card in CA?

Here is how to receive a qualification in a few steps.

  1. Pass the exam after completing the eight-hour “Power to Arrest” course. You have the option of taking the exam in person or online.
  2. On the Bureau’s website, one has to submit a proper application. They will receive it via email.
  3. You must electronically submit your fingerprints using Live Scan. Only present the forms the Bureau has provided you with. They are available for downloaded on the website, too. Note that they have the right coding to ensure that the Bureau got FBI and DOJ answers.
  4. After they get your application and criminal history records, they will add you to the list. You can confirm the official approval by going to the “Verify a License” page. After your registration appears on the website, you can provide a screen-print as an interim registration.

How much will California Security License cost?

The cost of applying for a certificate varies. It depends on the way you apply. If you request online, the price is $50, plus a $1 convenience fee. The traditional (paper) way is also $50. There are no additional charges (only postal).  However, it will take you longer. The process is not quite easy. It is the same for the state of Michigan.

Fingerprinting is $32 for the Department of Justice and $19 for the FBI. This brings the total to $51.

Note that you need to pay for training as well. It is about $44.95. In addition, it is actually worth the money. You can rest assure that it meets BSIS criteria.

How to renew your permit?

BSIS also handles the renewal process. As soon as your license is about to expire, they mail the proper form. In case you do not have it, obtain one at a SOTA facility. You may also renew only provided that you do not carry a gun permit. It usually takes around two weeks.

If it expires for 60 days or more, you can no longer change the status. In that case, you would have to complete approved classes again. Not to forget about background screening and paperwork. The fee is $35 ($60 if you are late).

Transferring a California Security License

California is one of the few places in the US that refuses to recognize other jurisdictions’ authorizations. Those who want to work there must first complete the necessary training. In addition, testing is necessary as well. To clarify, if you wish to work here, you have to re-accredit. Past experience does not count in this case. The same goes for professional courses. It is only useful for potential job positions.

Even so, it may be acceptable in other states. The current situation will continue unless a nationwide standard is established.

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