California Veterinary License

California Veterinary License

Taking your pet to a new vet and want to confirm they are licensed? A California veterinary license lookup can give you peace of mind. This resource tool is also helpful if you are thinking of becoming a vet in California and want to know the requirements. In either case, there is some basic information you may want to know before checking a veterinary license lookup in California.

How Do I Get a Vet License in California?

Before you can get your vet license in California, you need to complete an AVMA-approved degree from the College of Veterinary Medicine. You will need to show your Certificate of Veterinary Medical Education. You will also have to pass a background check and be either a citizen or a legal alien.

Before being licensed, you will also need to take the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam and pass it. You will also have to pass the California State Board Exam and an open-book Veterinary Law Exam. After this, you can eventually gain certification in a specialty as well.

Keep in mind that there are also continuing education requirements of 36 hours that you must complete every two years.

If you have a veterinary license in another state, California offers reciprocity. You will just have to take a three-day course and receive a certificate.

Do You Have to Be Licensed to Be a Vet Tech in California?

You have to get a license to be a vet tech in California. The requirements to receive licensing are less than those for professionals you will find on the California vet license lookup.

You have to complete one of the Veterinary Medical Board’s approved vet technician training programs. Some of these may require prerequisites, and the program itself should take at least two years. After completing the program, you can apply for the Registered Veterinary Technician exam for licensing. Once you pass the exam, you are licensed.

Alternatively, you could complete a vet tech training program that is not board-approved. Then, you need to gain 18 months of supervised practical experience. Or you can complete a relevant undergrad degree and obtain 12 months of supervised practical experience.

California also offers reciprocity for vet tech licenses from other states. You just need to have 36 months or more of experience with your license in the original state.

How Many Veterinarians Are in California?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were 7,380 veterinarians in California as of May 2019. You can get a more accurate idea of current figures by using a California veterinary premise license lookup.

Who Regulates Veterinarians in California?

The California Veterinary Medical Board regulates veterinarians in California. It is part of the Department of Consumer Affairs, so you can use the DCA lookup to confirm a veterinarian’s licensing. It is very straightforward. Start by choosing the Veterinary Medical Board from the DCA search. You can then choose the license type and other information. So, if you want to use a veterinary license lookup for a vet in California, you would enter his/her first and last name in the appropriate field.

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